Official Instructional Video for D & L Calls

Toddlers Love Duck Calls Our first Demo and Instructional Video for D & L Calls, LLC. Hand Crafted, Field Tested and Hunter Approved Duck Calls Continue reading

Two Ducks & A Duck Call

Field Tested Duck Hunting Calls

assemble It was a slow day but both ducks worked nicely to the call. Get your very own D & L Duck Call and Blow it Like You Mean It

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On the Hunt

Mallie on the Look Out for a Duck

familiarize Opening day with friends and Mallie. We hope to have many more to come! Keep up with our adventures in duck hunting with the Call of the Wild Blog from D & L Calls

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A Day on the Water with Mallie

Day on the Water with Mallie pilot A good day of duck hunting on the water with my dog, Mallie. See more videos, photos, posts and more on the Call of the Wild, the D & L Calls, LLC Website

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